Superform: The SSM One-Page Equivalent of Forms 24, 44, and 49!

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Superform: The SSM One-Page Equivalent of Forms 24, 44, and 49!

November 17, 2021 incorp 0 Comments

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We’ve all heard about Superman, but what about Super Form? Like its human counterpart, super forms are also “heroes” themselves within the corporate world! But what makes it both unique and useful in terms of its application?


This article is specially catered for those looking forward to incorporate or setup their companies as soon as possible. With that, let’s begin…



About Super Form

Super Forms are a type of document created by SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) (or Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)) as a means of reducing the time taken to prepare multiple documents all at once. 


This results in saving both preparation time and resources for business individuals who are currently in the midst of incorporating their companies in Malaysia. 


Samples of old Form 24, Form 44, and Form 49


Sample of Current Super Form (or Application for Registration) Template

In the past, when Companies Act 1965 was still in effect,  business start-up owners were required to prepare several forms altogether such as Form 24Form44, and Form 49.

Now, with constant technological improvements over the years, electronic templates are gradually beginning to replace their more traditional paper counterparts, rendering them obsolete.

With the digital form now being easily accessible online via the MyCOID 2016 portal, this results in the establishment of a single interface incorporation template and the abolishment of any further need for over-the-counter transactions.


Alternatively, you may also inquire assistance from a Company Secretary (Co Sec), relieving yourself from any unnecessary worries or stress when it comes to preparing the right documents.

Required Details & Purpose of Super Form

While filling up their respective Super Forms, interested parties and individuals will need to provide the following prerequisites; segregated into four distinct sections as requested by Companies Act 2016, that are: –

i.  Section A: Particulars of Company: –

Where in Section A, details of the company such as company name, address, and other relevant information will need to be filled.


ii. Section B: Particulars of Director(s) & Members(s): –

For Section B, information pertaining to the company’s Director(s) and Member(s), along with their respective shareholdings are jotted here.


iii. Section C: Declaration: –

Regarding Section C, the Declaration section pertains to the Lodger’s confirmation, as to the provided details of Section A and B.


iv. Section D: Lodger’s Information: –

Finally, Section D or the Lodger’s Information section relates to details of the acting representative for the individual who submitted the application.

Purposes of Superform

Finally, the Superform’s main primary purpose is to simplify the incorporation process and provide a summary of the company details.


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