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Your Guaranteed License to Kill… In Manufacturing!

November 17, 2021 incorp 0 Comments

An Exclusive Application Guide for a MIDA Manufacturing License

Manufacturing License is simply more than just a piece of paper…


In Malaysia, each company in relations to that sector requires the possession of a relevant industry document in order to operate. This goes the same for companies that perform activities such as the making, altering, blending, treating, ornamenting, or finishing of any substance or material, with the purpose of being sold utilized, transported, delivered, disposed, or even assembled.


These operations are in fact classified under the Manufacturing License category, proposed by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), an agency under MITI (or Ministry of International Trade & Industry) charged with the promotion and coordination of industrial development here in Malaysia.


In this article, we’ll be exploring the facets on the eligible requirements for acquiring a Manufacturing License along with the possible Exemptions and Incentives that goes along with it. With that, let’s begin…


Factors for Eligibility

Regarding being eligible for the said license, individuals, in accordance with Industrial Coordination Act 1975, must:

– Be engaged in any form of manufacturing operations (such as the examples above) with either a working capital/shareholders’ fund of RM2.5 million.

– Be employing 75 or more full-time paid employees, with full-time paid employees being defined as individuals normally working in the establishment for at least 6 hours a day along with 20 days for each of the 12 consecutive months per annum while also earning a salary.


License Requirements

However, there are cases where certain fulfilled requirements enable some companies to be exempted from the ICA (or Industrial Coordination Act), which may allow you to skip certain standard processes one would normally have to go through, thus elevating certain hassles in the process towards attain a Manufacturing License. These include:

– Milling of oil palm fresh fruits into crude oil

– Production and processing of rubber latex into a myriad of activities such as latex, rubber sheets and scraps, modified rubber, or any form of unvulcanised rubber by-products.

– Milling of paddy into rice.


Corporate Requirements for License

In conjunction, to be eligible for a Manufacturing License, one would be required to observe the Capital Investment per Employee (CIPE) Ratio which includes:

– Having at least around the RM140,000.

– Employing 80% of local Malaysian personnel.


License Application

Hence, if you are keen to apply for your company a Manufacturing License, you are able to do so via accessing the following link link, There, you can register your company’s details which would then take approximately 4 weeks, according to MIDA’s Client Charter. Following, an interim approval letter would be sent to the applicant, in which upon arrival, the said company owner would be required to provide the necessary documentations prior to the Manufacturing License being successfully issued.





Overall, we understand and empathize that it can be both physically and mentally draining as you prepare and wait in anticipation for the successful approval of that important piece of document called a Manufacturing License. Not to mention those precious hours being wasted away in worry which could have instead been used for other productive activities like planning for your next successful business venture.

Instead, why not give yourself that well-deserved peace of mind, and allow our professional partners at Incorp take the brunt of worrying for you.


Equipped with numerous years of relevant experience under our belt, we can assure partnering with Incorp is a sure guarantee towards providing you a good night’s rest.

In addition, we also provide quality corporate secretarial services and up-to-date professional advice that would help enable your company stay in compliance with the regulations provided by SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat).


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